Autoscale your
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Save money, handle uneven traffic, and spend less time on dev ops.
Built specifically for Heroku and Rails.

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I needed to save on dyno hours at slow times of day/week, but handle the busier times without doing anything manually. Rails Autoscale has given me this peace of mind.
– Björn Forsberg

Sleep well, without stress

Never worry about slow-downs or traffic spikes again. Stop guessing about the "right" number of dynos for your app. Let Rails Autoscale do the dirty work so you can focus on building, not managing.

Rails Autoscale has allowed us to reduce our dyno usage for our primary application down to less than half of what we were using before, which is amazing (and allows us to not have to upgrade our Heroku plan). Thanks for making this, it really is a great little service.
– Mark Urich

Cut your Heroku bill in half

Most apps are overscaled so they can handle peak traffic. Rails Autoscale easily pays for itself by scaling down your app during quieter periods, Some apps earn back half of what they were previously paying for Heroku. Try it and be amazed at how many dynos you don't need.

If I was the king of the world, I would make it illegal to horizontally scale based on execution time. Scale based on queue depths, people!
– Nate Berkopec, author of The Complete Guide to Rails Performance

A smarter way to autoscale

Rails Autoscale is the only autoscaler based on request queue time, not total response time. Some endpoints naturally take longer than others, and that shouldn't trigger scaling. Rails Autoscale watches for real capacity issues to scale your app reliably and consistently.

We have a very uneven Sidekiq workflow with a large number of jobs that get enqueued overnight. Rails Autoscale lets us get those jobs done quickly without paying for idle workers most of the day.
– Geoff Harcourt

Worker dynos included

If you use a background worker like Sidekiq, you can autoscale those dynos, too! Even if you split your worker queues across multiple Sidekiq processes, it's no problem. Configure and autoscale each of them independently. Worker autoscaling is part of the package, no extra charge.

Rails Autoscale saved me big time yesterday!! I'm new to this and I'm learning on the fly, but you made it very easy.
– Sam Wood

Impossibly simple

Rails Autoscale embraces the 80/20 rule and provides sensible defaults that work for 80% of apps. No sweat if you're in the remaining 20%. Just a few tweaks is all it takes to get your app scaling smoothly.

I've used most of them. Adam's is the best. I highly recommend it.
Andrew Culver, creator of Bullet Train

A partner to support you

I'm Adam, the founder of Rails Autoscale and a Rails developer like you. I personally answer every support request, and it makes my day to help developers run their Heroku apps with confidence.

Got a question? Send me an email!

You’ve built a fantastic product which my team at Neos love, it’s really nice to find something that solves what appears to be a hard problem in a simple way. In the last month we’ve already made hundreds of dollars of savings from being able to cleanly scale down during quiet periods.
– Jon Wood

Pricing that makes sense

The more dynos you use, the more you save by autoscaling them. Rails Autoscale is priced accordingly.

Each plan below includes all Rails Autoscale features. Choose your plan based on how how many web or workers dynos you use at peak traffic. For more info, check out the plans & pricing guide.

Standard Dynos
1-3 dynos $9
1-9 dynos $39
1-29 dynos $99
1-99 dynos $279
Performance Dynos
1-3 dynos $39
1-9 dynos $99
1-29 dynos $279
1-99 dynos $599

Not sure if you need autoscaling?
The free plan includes 20 autoscale events per month for unlimited dynos!

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